Sunday, 16 February 2014

Activate your Nuts

My new obsession is activated almonds. They are popping up all over over health food stores and with various flavours are absolutely delicious. My favourite are these by Raw Ecstasy. 

They taste like they have been roasted when in fact they have been ACTIVATED. This involves soaking the nuts in water then drying them out at a very low temperature. What this does is break down Phytic acid, which can block the absorption of certain minerals by binding to them. By breaking this down, enzymes are activated making the nuts easier to digest and the nutrients more readily available. 

As this is quite a process, little bags of these special nuts do not come cheap! So I've decided to activate my own. Its really easy!

First soak your nuts (I would recommend almonds) for at least 12 hours by covering them with water and leaving them out at room temperature. For cashews and pistachios reduce soaking time to 6 hours. You will notice them puff up a bit and may even see signs of sprouting.

Rinse the nuts with cold water and if you want to add any flavour do this now. I added Himalayan pink salt to mine. You can enjoy the nuts now if you like - I did half/half as love the taste of them both soaked and then dried!

To dry place the nuts in an oven at a very low temperature (around 50 degrees) and leave for at least an hour, keep tasting until your most desired crunchiness! 

Store in an airtight container and snack on throughout the week without breaking the bank!