I have wanted to start this blog for so long now, always delaying to after I'd experimented more with my recipes or when I knew more about the subject of nutrition. Then I realized that this space should be a record of my journey and a place to document my passion so I am diving in ready to share my lessons with you!

I have just come out of an investment banking job which left very little time to develop my own skills in the kitchen. I still managed to make healthy eating work for me though, visiting Crussh in the city daily and snacking on Nakd bars while preparing big dinners of boiled veggies and quinoa so I could take in the left overs for lunch. Now that I am out of the banking world I have more time to devote to my passion. The first step is to enhance my knowledge so I have just enrolled at The College of Naturopathy to study Naturopathic Nutrition. I never thought I would be this excited to start studying again and I can't wait to share my knowledge here as time goes by. 

Ever since my mom and I visited Ti Sana, a health and detox spa in Italy, I have been obsessed with eating "clean", that is gluten, sugar, meat and dairy free. At this spa we were only served vegan food, so no animal products whatsoever. I have always followed a very healthy diet, eating a lot of vegetables and grains but always combining these with some form of animal protein – tuna, chicken, turkey, fish or cheese. 

At Ti Sana we were served very big courses at every meal - a lot more food than we were used to. It was all SO delicious and even after eating till we were stuffed we never felt uncomfortably full or bloated. Instead we left the spa energised and feeling awesome!

I got so excited at the sight of every dish I had to ask for each recipe until eventually I was invited back to the kitchen for some private lessons on creating delicious healthy food. I am now obsessed with this way of eating and spend hours on end looking up new ways to combine natural, plant-based super-foods. I have also been doing a lot of reading on getting the right pH balance within your body, that is making sure you are taking in as many alkalizing foods as possible. 

I truly believe that the food we eat can enhance our lives and as my knowledge grows I look forward to sharing it with you whilst showcasing how delicious and exciting healthy eating can be!

Jade x