Friday, 1 November 2013

Chocolate & Almond stuffed Dates

This recipe (if i can even call it that!) is so simple yet so delicious I almost feel guilty about the praise I get after people try them. They are amazing on-the-go snacks to prepare for a busy week as they can just be stored in the freezer until ready to be enjoyed. 3 easy ingredients with 3 easy steps. 

Ingredients (quantity as you desire): 

Dates (preferably Medjool - they are the best) 

Almond butter

Optional: Raw cacao melted with almond milk

The optional chocolate part happened completely by accident. I thought I had bought cacao powder when in fact I'd come home with a brick of solid raw cacao. I was going to melt the cacao with almond milk to make hot chocolate until I saw the stack of dates in our fridge. And thus Chocolate & Almond stuffed dates were born! Well in our household at least. 

To start slice the dates open and remove the pip (step 1). Next stuff the dates with almond butter and - if you dare - the melted cacao as well (step 2). Pop in the freezer to set (step 3). I know they don't LOOK amazing but please trust me on the TASTE. I hope you enjoy!